Electrical Labourer

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Card information

From 01 August 2018 there are new requirements for initial Electrical Labourer card applications. If you already hold this card, after 01 January 2019 you will need to meet the new requirements before you renew. 

The Electrical Labourer ECS card is for people working in the electrical industry in a supportive role to assist electricians and other qualified staff with the installation of cables and other unskilled work, under supervision. They are to assist but not carry out any craft work that an electrician carries out.

A labourer has a specific job role within the JIB grading structure.

In some situations this card may be issued if you cannot meet the qualification requirements of other cards such as Installation Electrician. If you hold a Labourer card, you can upgrade to an ECS gold card once you have gained further qualifications.

Eligibility and requirements

These requirements apply from 01 August 2018 for initial card applications and from 01 January 2019 for existing card renewals. 

Route 1: Do you already have a JIB-approved electrical theory qualification?

  • If you already have a JIB-approved electrical theory qualification such as C&G 2365, 2330 or 2360 (or EAL equivalents) this will be accepted for your Labourer card. View a full list of approved qualifications
  • You will also need to pass the ECS Health, Safety & Environmental Assessment. 

Route 2: If you don’t hold a JIB-approved theory qualification...

If you don’t hold a JIB-approved electrical theory qualification, you’ll need the following: 

1. Successful completion of ONE of the following Health & Safety courses: 

  • CCNSG Safety Passport – National Course or Renewal Course
  • Safety Passport Alliance (SPA) Core H&S Course 
  • IOSH Working Safely (IOSH Approved Centre Classroom invigilated exam only – not online)

2. You only need to sit a separate ECS Health, Safety & Environmental Assessment if you passed any of the above courses over three years ago.

If you have taken the courses listed in item 1 within the last three years, you do not have to sit the separate ECS HS&E Assessment.

3. Proof of employment in the electrical industry

This needs to be in the form of a written reference from your employer to confirm you are employed by that company. View more details on what should be included in your reference. If you normally work for an employment business or labour agency you should obtain a signed letter from the business to confirm your dates of engagement as an Electrical Labourer. 

Where can I find the H&S courses? 

Whilst we can't recommend a particular training provider, here are some good starting points to search for these courses: