Renew your ECS card

Have you got less than three months before your ECS card expires? You'll need to renew your's easy!

Follow these few simple steps to get started:

Step 1: You'll need to register with MyECS if you've not done so already

Step 2: You'll need to meet the Health & Safety requirements - this means you'll need to have passed the ECS H&S Assessment within the last two years, or have a valid exemption. Not got either? Book your ECS H&S Assessment as soon as possible. Once you have a valid H&S assessment, it will show on your MyECS record.

Step 3: No new qualifications to tell us about? Once your H&S is in place you can click through to Finalise your application.

Step 4: Want to submit new qualifications? Upload photos or scans of your certificates to MyECS before you finalise your application, and request a change of occupation or grade if you need to. You'll need to make sure you meet the card criteria and upload proof for the new card you wish to upgrade to.

Log in to MyECS to start the renewal process I need to set up a MyECS account