ECS Manager Card - New Criteria

New requirements were introduced on 01 October 2018 for all new ECS Manager card applications. If you already hold an ECS Manager card, these changes came into effect on 01 January 2019 and you will need to meet this criteria when you renew. 

What types of Manager card are there?

There are now cards to cover the following occupations:
Electrical Site Manager | Electrical Contract Manager | Site Manager | Project Manager | Contract Manager

Do you actually need a Manager card?

With the introduction of more rigorous requirements we are asking people to consider: do you actually need a Manager ECS card? An ECS card is only needed for those carrying out work on the site itself. For those simply paying site visits, you can be escorted on and off site and CSCS does not specify a need for a card. If you’re primarily an office-based manager, you may find you are not asked for an ECS card, or that an ECS Site Support card is more relevant to your occupation such as Design Engineer, Commissioning Engineer, IT Manager, H&S Manager or CAD Engineer.

What are the new requirements for the Manager’s card?

There are two routes depending on your existing qualifications: 

Route 1: If you have or meet gold card requirements

If you already have an ECS gold card, or meet the requirements, you are eligible for a Manager’s card once you undertake one of the specified Health & Safety courses.

Route 2: Level 4 qualification

You can also apply with a Level 4 management qualification such as BTEC, degree or JIB-recognised company programme.

PLUS H&S specified course

Whether you take route 1 or route 2 you will also need to take one of the following courses:

  • Construction Skills (CITB) Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme (SSSTS)
  • IOSH Managing Safely in Construction
  • CITB Site Management Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS)
  • CCNSG Safety Passport - Supervising / Leading a Team Safety Course

AND ECS HS&E Assessment (only if you’re not exempt by taking one of these courses)

The course above are accepted as a 3-year exemption from the ECS HS&E Assessment. If you gain or have gained one of these courses within the last three years, you will not need to sit the ECS Assessment separately when you apply, until the next point of renewal.

Existing Cardholders:

Do I need to act now / will I lose my card after 01 January? No - your existing card is still valid until its expiry date. You only need to meet these requirements when you renew your card - not immediately after 01 January 2019. For instance, if your card expires on 15 March 2020, you will not need to act until then and your current card is valid until this date. 

Where can I find the H&S courses? 

Whilst we can't recommend a particular training provider, here are some good starting points to search for these courses: 

Why are these changes being made? 

The Construction Leadership Council, the body which drives industry improvement, has announced that nationally-recognised qualifications should be in place for all construction-related occupations by 2020. In recognition of this, CSCS has changed its partnership criteria and so the ECS needs to make these changes, in order to meet the new requirements. The JIB supports the introduction of appropriate qualifications for Managers, as part of the overall drive to raise standards across the electrotechnical industry.

Follow the flow chart below to look at what route you need to take


Manager card flow chart

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